Job Introduction

Here are core works and tasks at Halla Holdings

Domestic Sales

Promote Halla Holdings's values and technologies to clients
Core tasks
- Carry on field marketing, price fixing, sales and collection of money. Can have various experiences and opportunities to build up your capacity through promoting auto parts, car accessories and other products.
Qualities required
- Should have client-oriented mind and attitude. Great communication skills are required.

Foreign sales

Help make the company become a global leader in the market
Core tasks
- Engaged in general overseas sales such as foreign market research, finding new business partners, overseas promotion, trade and collection of money. We are in the process of expanding trading countries and products. We provide experiences and opportunities for workers to become an expert overseas sales representative.
Qualities required
- Candidates should be able to communicate in foreign languages and also should have a broad understanding of the target culture.


Build the best distribution channel through strategic logistics management
Core tasks
- Build an integrated logistics base Realize a one-stop logistics service of wrapping, procurement, sales and import/export, and materialize a one-stop logistics service that makes optimal inventory management, logistics cost reduction and product quality enhancement possible.
Qualities required
- Requires a challenging spirit to build an efficient logistics service based on understanding of 3PL logistics.


Delivers news on Halla Holdings with experienced communication skills
Core tasks
- Write promotion plans by closely working with relevant divisions and deliver the company’s news through newspapers, broadcasting, journals and the Internet. Also helps employees share the company's policies and achievements.
Qualities required
- Logical thinking and writing skills are required and communication skills are of utmost importance.

Production management

Conduct meticulous production management that helps maintain product quality
Core tasks
- Conduct review on overall production techniques, set up facility for individual product, proceed with plant design modification in between production.
Qualities required
- Continuous efforts to improve productivity and enhance product quality through workforce and facility management are required.

Product development/Product quality management

Manage and maintain credibility of Halla Holdings products
Core tasks
- To secure product quality that the company and clients require at an early stage, review partner companies' production capacity and enhance and secure the quality of products that have already been made. Collect field information on product quality to offer plans for improvement, receive information from manufacturing plants, and ask for ways to improve.
Qualities required
- Continuous efforts and owner spirit to raise product completeness are needed.


Prepares for Halla Holdings's brighter future
Core tasks
- Planning : Analyze and predict corporate environmental change surrounding the economy, competitors and future society. Not only offer solutions to impending problems but also set strategic directions.
- Business management : Conduct budget planning -- draw yearly business plan, allocate and manage ordinary budget, come up with mid- and long-term profit-making goals, and evaluate new business plan's validity
Qualities required
- Logical thinking to identify the problems related to planning and management and to diagnose the problems and offer solutions is required


Enhance Halla Holdings's transparency through decent financial management
Core tasks
- Write financial statement by quarter, year-half and year, file tax reports (corporate tax, value added tax, individual consumption tax), procure and manage funds, and deal with foreign exchange and corporate rating.
Qualities required
- Ability to read financial statements based on principle is required. Also should pay keen attention to changing rules and standards surrounding the industry to carry out missions appropriately.

Business management support

각 사업분야를 지원하며 한라마이스터의 성장을 도모합니다
Core tasks
- Human resources management : Plan HR policies, recruit talents, manage workforce, make evaluations, provides incentives and nurture talents to help employees find their most proper place at work and stand out.
- Legal affairs : Manage and respond to legal affairs faced by the company. Diagnose legal risks in advance and find the best solutions in case legal disputes occur
- General affairs : Make and offer work environment where employees carry on their missions in effective manner. Plan and provide personal and material support. Operate welfare and CSR missions
Qualities required
- Communications skills to listen to employees are needed to make a solid company. General understanding of different divisions’ work and trend are required. Command of foreign language and OA tools is necessary.